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Outdoor Adventures

Programs for all ages

There are a number of opportunities to explore backyards, swamps, marshes, and forests and become familiar with the plants and animals that live there. Programs promote getting outdoors and connecting with nature while developing skills for being outdoors.

Foraging – identify, gather and prepare wild plants to use for food and medicine.

Wild Herb Farmacy – Learn to make lotions, potions, oils, and salves for health and wellness.

Wilderness Survival Skills – develop basic survival skills for being outdoors, including food, water, shelter, firemaking, tracking, and more;

Wetland Wildlife – explore ocean and bay waters to discover the plants and animals that live there.

Customized tours can be scheduled to accommodate groups or individuals. Rates vary depending on group size and needs.


Tasting Tours 

Winter Teas & Tonics – Sunday, December 17, 2017

1-3:00 p.m.

Join Vickie Shufer on a stroll around the gardens, identifying and gathering wild herbs that can be used to make teas that are both warming and strengthening. Learn how to make infusions and decoctions as well as tinctures and elixirs that can help prevent colds and flus. Samples will be available for tasting.

For more information and to register: Email: wildfood@cox.net. Directions and a confirmation email will be sent upon registration.

Suggested Donation: $15/person; children under 12 are free

For more information and to register – email: wildfood@cox.net